Specialty Coverages

What are Specialty Coverages?

At Excess Specialty Coverages are insurance solutions that are add-ons to policies. Sometimes viewed as hard to place insurance, at Excess, we view these types of risk as an opportunity to showcase our innovation. As a good partner, its up to us to find solutions for your client’s hard-to-place insurance needs.

Our Products for Specialty Lines Include:

Excess provides products and solutions for all types of business, please contact an Excess representative to see if one of our specialty products is right for your client.

Excess Specialty Lines Products:

Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers' (D&O) liability provides coverage for defence costs and damages arising from wrongful act allegations and lawsuits brought against an organization’s board of directors or officers.

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Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance is an insurance product that protects policyholders in case of an unforeseen legal event by covering specific legal costs and/or providing access to an experienced lawyer who can offer advice and guidance.

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Once viewed as a rare event, terrorism or active event insurance is something that many Canadians companies should consider.

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Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance

Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance provides protection for clients against accounts receivable losses.

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