Commercial Property & Liability Insurance

What is Commercial Property and Liability Insurance?

General commercial property and liability insurance provides financial protection for property damage and claims alleging third-party bodily injury or property damage as a resultant of a client’s business operations or products and services. Often referred to as property and casualty insurance, this product protects against two distinct business issues. Property insurance covers things that are owned by the business. Liability insurance includes coverage to protect your client’s business if an accident causes injuries or damage to someone while on the premises of the business or by products manufactured or sold by the business.

Our Products for Commercial Property and Liability Include:

Excess Provides Products and Solutions For:

  • Building owners & property managers – commercial and residential
  • Exporters & importers
  • Grocery stores – including chains (rural or urban)
  • Professional services – office package
  • Family Restaurants/Fast Food Restaurants
  • Retail stores – independent and chains
  • Small manufacturing
  • Additional categories available on the application form

Excess General Commercial Property & Liability Products:

Property Insurance

Property insurance provides protection against risks to property such as fire and theft.

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Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects business owners from financial losses resulting from liability claims alleging property damage, errors, or bodily injuries.

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Equipment Breakdown

Often referred to as boiler and machinery insurance, equipment breakdown insurance covers sudden, accidental damage to electrical, mechanical, and other equipment that traditional commercial insurance does not.

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Vacant (Building and Land)

Vacant property coverage is designed to protect against financial losses during periods of short or long-term vacancy.

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Typically, this is a follow form policy which offers limits beyond what the underlying policy can provide and extends coverage to all the underlying policies based on the terms and conditions of those policies.

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Hospitality Insurance

Hospitality insurance packages can often be restricted in what they cover. As a broker, you need to make sure that the hospitality solution you provide is right for your client.

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